You can now receive, hold, swap, and tip tokens on CCTIP via the Aurora Network.


· About Aurora

· AURORA Core Features

· Details of Aurora network tokens newly listed by CCTIP.

The CCTip Team has successfully completed the addition of the Aurora protocol to CCTIP. Users can now swap, hold, tip, airdrop, and play games with AURORA tokens.

We believe that adding the Aurora protocol to the CCTIP wallet will give more insights into the interoperability and scalability it facilitates, especially for the creator economy. These benefits will allow users to make the most of their AURORA holdings.

What is Aurora?

Aurora is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) based on the NEAR Blockchain, enabling developers to deploy their applications on an Ethereum-compatible, high-throughput, scalable, and future-proof platform while maintaining low transaction fees for their users. In other words, Aurora allows developers to build EVM-compatible applications while benefitting from NEAR’s scalability. In addition, Aurora also created the Rainbow Bridge, allowing users to transfer assets between Ethereum, NEAR, and Aurora.

In February 2022, Aurora announced the release of EVM engine 2.4.0 to further enable scaling, reduce fees, and enable an overall better experience for developers.

Aurora Core Features

· Adopting Blockchain in other industries: Aurora sees blockchain as a platform for cross-sector collaboration across industries. As a result, Aurora Chain aims to make it possible for businesses to integrate their internally developed applications and rules into the Blockchain. Aurora Chain was created for applications, supports application implementation, and can connect disparate industries.

· Creating the perfect smart contract: The Aurora platform aims to create smart contracts with underlying solid support, flexible tools, and transparent coding that can be used in various industries. The degree to which a public chain supports contracts is closely related to integrating Blockchain with other sectors.

· Boosting Transaction Speed (High Throughput and Scalability): The transaction throughput is an area of blockchain technology that has frequently been criticized; people have long complained that the transaction throughput (TPS) of many Blockchains prevents them from being integrated with other industries. To alleviate this concern, Aurora Chain focuses on increasing transaction processing speed.

· Low Transaction Cost: In Aurora, transaction fees are paid in the base currency, ETH. Regardless, it is clearly different from its host. Aurora is much faster than Ethereum in terms of transaction speed. It also has extremely low transaction fees compared to the Layer-1 blockchain. They benefit from Aurora’s security, scalability, and ease of use.

Easily send, receive, hold or swap Tokens on the Aurora Network via CCTIP:

You can quickly deposit, withdraw, or Swap tokens using NEAR’s Aurora Engine via the CCTip wallet at the lowest possible fees.

Learn more on sending/ receiving and swapping tokens!

CCTIP offers the lowest cross-chain transaction fees:

You can swap tokens between 200+ cryptocurrencies present on CCTIP. Whether performing a cross-chain swap or an “on-chain swap,” CCTip offers the lowest possible transaction fees. You can swap various currencies within your wallet for absolutely free!

We have listed some tokens on the Aurora network for CCTIP users to send, receive, swap, hold, or tip.

AllBridge (ABR):

We update our Price charts in real-time, so you can find live updates on the ABR token via CCTIP Wallet.

AllBridge Token Information Sheet

AllBridge Community

Medium, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Reddit


We update our Price charts in real-time, so you can find live updates on the TRI token via CCTIP Wallet.

Trisolaris (TRI) Token Information Sheet

Trisolaris Community

Medium, Twitter

Chronicle (XNL):

We update our Price charts in real-time, so you can find live updates on the XNL token via CCTIP Wallet.

Chronicle (XNL) Token Information Sheet

Chronicle Community

Medium, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, YouTube

Enjoy Tip, Airdrop, or Play-to-Earn Tokens via CCTIP:

CCTip offers the easiest ways to send Tips and Airdrops to your friends or community members using CCTIP Bot via multiple social platforms like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

If you want to airdrop tokens with a touch of fun and thrill, you should immediately explore CCTip’s Game Airdrops, where you create one-of-a-kind free games! A new way to airdrop where you play to earn free crypto!

Send or choose from 500+ tokens to Tip, Airdrop, or play games with your community!

Check out details on tipping instructions on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

Tips and Fun Airdrops with CCTIP Bot

Create an exclusive #AURORA Community with CCTip DAO:

A group with all true fans can be regulated using the CCTip DAO. It allows you to set a minimum of tokens required for a new member to join the telegram/discord group. It is a beneficial tool for crypto start-ups and tokenized communities to engage with their target audience and grow their community.

Think of it as an exclusive group accepting the community by simply verifying their crypto assets!

Closing Thoughts

We hope you have gained insights and information on our newly listed network — Aurora (AURORA), and how you can seamlessly use it with CCTIP services!

Remember that you can receive, hold, tip, or swap ABR, XNL, and TRI tokens via the Aurora network on CCTip.

Now grow your community efficiently and quickly by exploring the various top features offered by CCTIP!

Create an instant account now and enjoy cheap transaction fees with many features!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment or join our community for more discussions, tips, and airdrops.



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